From our point of view, the basis of natural nourishment starts with olive oil….

We pick olives from the olive trees in our garden just before they ripen and fall, then we crush the olives with granite stones just as it used to be done back in ancient times. This way we get pure infiltrated olive oil, which we make use of as the principal base of our organic kitchen.

The kitchen of ANTIK ZEYTIN concentrates mainly on Mediterranean cuisine. Enriched by a natural nourishment philosophy , our kitchen aims to bring to you , a variety of traditional foods made by olive oil.

At breakfast time ,our guests will be offered the best quality olives and a variety of cheeses, assorted omelettes made with olive oil, home made jams, grained breads and herbed pastries, and herbal teas made with locally picked oregano and peppermint.

We apply the same healthy-eating philosophy at lunch and dinner time too. We concentrate on offering you a combination of olive oil based sea food and vegetable dishes that are made with locally harvested vegetables.