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From ancient times to the present days, men are aware that the importance of olive oil in human’s live.Today , olive oil has become one of the most important items of natural nourishment. Olive oil is a must and a secret source to a long and joyful life as well as the healthy.

Historically known as the “ potion of life “ which has been one of the greatest products of trade for hundreds of years.

Now ANTIK ZEYTIN ( THE ANTIQUE OLIVE) is being re-generated this natural life culture for you.We are about to start producing olive oil with an ancient theme .Well actually you will be starting this production here in ANTIK ZEYTIN.You will be able to produce your own olive oil with granite stones and historical presses that identically reinvigorated as it was used in the ancient times.

You may like to bake your own bread in our historic Anatolian wood fired stone oven in the mornings and you may also add rich texture to your self-cooked meals , so expect to be presented with great flavors and textures by some local organic herbs that you can pick from neighbouring hills of Karadag around the Hotel.
It just does not stop there , along with all these greatness you also get to have the opportunity of having a peaceful holiday with tranquillity.

Once you have produced your own olive oil, then you have baked your bread and enjoyed the breakfast followed by a short break .Now it is the time to explore the sea .Would you be prepared to live the history of sailing again by either open sailing canvas or pulling boat chandler (rope) .You may be good at steering our completely hand made boat. If you like to live this adventure , turning the clock back to the ancient time , ANTIK ZEYTIN is waiting for you.

Its location makes AZ very closely integrated with the natural surrounding and its natural compenent.The AZ is located on the brow of the Karadag Mountains which is the home of the predatory birds such as Hawk, Falcon,Eagle, Owl etc. During the specific times of the day it is possible to watch these predatory birds either with binoculars or with your bare eyes.

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From Halicarnassos to Bodrum…

When you reach the top of the hill,
You will see Bodrum
Don’t you think you will return as you came
Those who came before you
Left their heart and mind in Bodrum

says the famous poet of Turkey, Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli, widely known as the ‘Halicarnassos Fisherman’.

Bodrum has a history of 5000 years and has been home to several civilisations. It is the birthplace of Heredot, and also the home of the King Maussollos’s tomb, which is accepted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World (placed in British Museum in 19th century).

The ‘Antique Theater’ built BC IV. Century, has survived until today and has been the stage for special concerts.

Famous Bodrum castle, with its magnificient view and exceptional architecture, has been built by the knights of Rodos. Today it welcomes millions of visitors as the biggest Underwater Archaeological Museum. There is also a special section which displays the life of the Caria Princess Ada.

Bodrum’s unique Gullets, handmade boats made of wood, its’ sandals, jewelery made of glass and its exceptional mediterrenean cuisine became worldwide famous. The amateur gullet yacht races, blue voyages and colourful nightlife transformed this town into a tourism heaven. Additionally, Bodrum is famous with its fresh air, exceptionally healthy herbs, olive and mandarin trees.


The cradle of Civilisations…

Surrounded by sea three different types of seas, Anatolia, as a cultural mosaic, connects Asia and Europe together by combining different cultures and languages. From very early on in history, many different civilisations were born on these territory and each one of them has left a rich culture behind them.

All the historical materpieces of different cultures like Hittit, Urartu, Phrygia, Caria, Lidia, Ionia, Troy, Bizantium, Seljuk empire and Ottoman empire is the heart of the Turkey’s Cultural tourism. Capadocia, Istanbul, Safranbolu, Bogazköy, Nemrut Mountain, Xanthos, Letoon, Divrigi Ulu Mosque and Darüssifa, Troian Archeaulogical City belong to the World Inheritance List as cultural wonders, whereas Pamukkale and Göreme-Capadoccia are also natural wonders. Turkey, with all these natural wonders and with her magnificiently leveled seasonal climate, is heaven on earth. All the mythology, all different kinds of civilisations, all the historical remains of all these era’s are a living proof of this fact.