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Anatolian inspired individual cottages

Antik Zeytin is formed by 2 large and 4 small architecturally Anatolian inspired, individual stone cottages.
Each house has their own veranda and garden, air conditioning, Wi-Fi/ethernet connection, Hi-Fi, mini bar, satellite TV, safe, hair dryer.

Large houses have 120m2 of indoor living area, 30m2 garden w/furniture, 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining room and a kitchen. Up to 5 person accommodation.

Small houses have 60m2 of indoor living area, 30m2 garden w/furniture, 1 room, 1 bathroom and an american kitchen/living room. Up to 3 person accommodation.

Hotel rooms have 30m2 living area, a bathroom and an open veranda. Up to 3 person accommodation.
We also have an emergency generator, car park and library facilities

  • Breakfast is included in our hotel room accommodations. Long term house rental prices do not include breakfasts or free-cleaning services.
  • Lunch and dinners are served on the basis of our guests' requests
  • Hotel Prices are for 2 persons. House prices are depending on the seasonal rate.
  • Antik Zeytin is open between 1st of June to 30th of September.


Renovated, complete stonemasonry

Renovated, fully stonemasoned Ottoman buildings in the heart of nature. The house is in a 4 house facility and has shared half-olympic pool. It promotes one double bed and 3 single beds and 1 large sofa for extra sleep. 2 private bathrooms in 2 rooms.

The house is built with ecological materials. Stone, wood and iron are key elements at the facility. There are 4 houses and an half olympic swimming pool(Open from May to October). The rooms are 110m2 and have private and shared gardens.

There are 2 TVs in the rooms with prepaid satellite channels. (English, French and German channels are available, also original language and English subtitles are available through the remote control.) Wi-fi and network connections are available in the room.

We promote our special art collection in our Art Gallery at the facility. So if you are interested in ART, you can spend your time and chill inside.

If you rent a car we have private car park which is free.

You can walk around the facility, lie down next to the pool to sunbeds and enjoy your meals in your garden. We are also staying at the facility. So if you need anything special or you need a solution, we are here to help. We are basically alone in the area. Surrounded by nature. If you like anonymity, privacy and silence; this is your house. We have cats around to keep you safe :)

We are very near to the main road, so you can use the public transport every 30 minutes to reach to the city center. Also you can use bicycles of the houses to reach the village center in 10 minutes. There are small markets very near and large markets in 1 minute biking distance.

We put ecological cleaning products and shampoo’s in the rooms. All electric devices are energy-saving.


Natural nourishment starts with olive oil

We pick olives from the olive trees in our garden just before they ripen and fall, then we crush the olives with granite stones just as it used to be done back in ancient times. This way we get pure infiltrated olive oil, which we make use of as the principal base of our organic kitchen.

Our kitchen concentrates mainly on Mediterranean cuisine. Enriched by a natural nourishment philosophy, our kitchen aims to bring to you a variety of traditional foods prepared with olive oil.

At breakfast our guests will be offered the best quality olives, a variety of cheeses, assorted omelettes prepared with olive oil, home made jams, grained breads, herbed pastries and herbal teas made with locally picked oregano and peppermint.

We apply the same healthy eating philosophy at lunch and dinner time too. We concentrate on offering you a combination of olive oil based sea food and vegetable dishes which are prepared with locally harvested vegetables.


Birth place of civilzations

From ancient times to the present days, men are aware that the importance of olive oil in human’s live. Today , olive oil has become one of the most important items of natural nourishment. Olive oil is a must and a secret source to a long and joyful life as well as the healthy.

Historically known as the “ potion of life “ which has been one of the greatest products of trade for hundreds of years.

Now ANTIK ZEYTIN ( THE ANTIQUE OLIVE) is being re-generated this natural life culture for you. We are about to start producing olive oil with an ancient theme. Well actually you will be starting this production here in ANTIK ZEYTIN.You will be able to produce your own olive oil with granite stones and historical presses that identically reinvigorated as it was used in the ancient times.

You may like to bake your own bread in our historic Anatolian wood fired stone oven in the mornings and you may also add rich texture to your self-cooked meals , so expect to be presented with great flavors and textures by some local organic herbs that you can pick from neighbouring hills of Karadag around the Hotel. It just does not stop there , along with all these greatness you also get to have the opportunity of having a peaceful holiday with tranquillity.

Once you have produced your own olive oil, then you have baked your bread and enjoyed the breakfast followed by a short break .Now it is the time to explore the sea. Would you be prepared to live the history of sailing again by either open sailing canvas or pulling boat chandler (rope) .You may be good at steering our completely hand made boat. If you like to live this adventure , turning the clock back to the ancient time , ANTIK ZEYTIN is waiting for you.

Its location makes AZ very closely integrated with the natural surrounding and its natural compenent.The AZ is located on the brow of the Karadag Mountains which is the home of the predatory birds such as Hawk, Falcon,Eagle, Owl etc. During the specific times of the day it is possible to watch these predatory birds either with binoculars or with your bare eyes.


From Halicarnassos to Bodrum…

When you reach the top of the hill,
You will see Bodrum
Don’t you think you will return as you came
Those who came before you
Left their heart and mind in Bodrum

says the famous poet of Turkey, Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli, widely known as the ‘Halicarnassos Fisherman’.

Bodrum has a history of 5000 years and has been home to several civilisations. It is the birthplace of Heredot, and also the home of the King Maussollos’s tomb, which is accepted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World (placed in British Museum in 19th century).

The ‘Antique Theater’ built BC IV. Century, has survived until today and has been the stage for special concerts.

Famous Bodrum castle, with its magnificient view and exceptional architecture, has been built by the knights of Rodos. Today it welcomes millions of visitors as the biggest Underwater Archaeological Museum. There is also a special section which displays the life of the Caria Princess Ada.

Bodrum’s unique Gullets, handmade boats made of wood, its’ sandals, jewelery made of glass and its exceptional mediterrenean cuisine became worldwide famous. The amateur gullet yacht races, blue voyages and colourful nightlife transformed this town into a tourism heaven. Additionally, Bodrum is famous with its fresh air, exceptionally healthy herbs, olive and mandarin trees.


The cradle of Civilisations…

Surrounded by sea three different types of seas, Anatolia, as a cultural mosaic, connects Asia and Europe together by combining different cultures and languages. From very early on in history, many different civilisations were born on these territory and each one of them has left a rich culture behind them.

All the historical materpieces of different cultures like Hittit, Urartu, Phrygia, Caria, Lidia, Ionia, Troy, Bizantium, Seljuk empire and Ottoman empire is the heart of the Turkey’s Cultural tourism. Capadocia, Istanbul, Safranbolu, Bogazköy, Nemrut Mountain, Xanthos, Letoon, Divrigi Ulu Mosque and Darüssifa, Troian Archeaulogical City belong to the World Inheritance List as cultural wonders, whereas Pamukkale and Göreme-Capadoccia are also natural wonders. Turkey, with all these natural wonders and with her magnificiently leveled seasonal climate, is heaven on earth. All the mythology, all different kinds of civilisations, all the historical remains of all these era’s are a living proof of this fact.


Original art works in a wide range of disciplines

Ever since Antik Zeytin opened its doors, we have dreamed of incorporating an art project. Going into the 2012 summer season, we gave life to that dream with creating the Artroom.

Nilgün Sim Süldür and Ümit Süldür, founders of the Artroom, share the inspiration of this unique new art space with guests from Turkey and other countries.

Artroom embraces a diversity of aims, among them:

  • Introduce guests, and more particularly overseas guests, to Turkish art, artists and their work through exhibitions;
  • Help Turkish artists gain recognition overseas by arranging the exhibition of their work in different countries;
  • Support emerging young talent;
  • Invite artists from different countries to the hotel to showcase their work;
  • Build new art collections alongside those of work from the Byzantine, Ottoman and Republic periods;
  • Offer advice in the field of art and space.

Artroom houses a selection of original work by talented artists and designers in a range of artistic disciplines, including painting, textiles, ceramics, photography and calligraphy. Visiting guests are able to share knowledge and experience while viewing the work in an informal, conversational setting.


Open between 1st of June to 30th of September

Antik Zeytin Suites

April – June
July – August
September – October

  • Room rates are for 2 persons. Breakfasts are included. Minimum stay is 3 days.
  • Extra Bed costs 35

Antik Zeytin Houses


From Antik Zeytin

  • Airport: 40km
  • Bodrum City Center: 17km
  • Golturkbuku (Village Center): 6km
  • Nearest Beach: 4km

Public transport is available via Dolmus (minibus) to/from Bodrum city center.
For rent-a-car & airport transfer service information please contact us.

Easy Directions

  • From Torba junction take the right exit and continue driving along in the direction of Gündoğan.
  • After passing Göltürkbükü road sign, please follow the main road.
  • After 500m, you will see our gate at the left side (to the mountain).
  • We are at the opposite side of “Doga Evleri” and have a two-sided wooden gate at the entrance.

Guest reviews

Relaxed atmosphere, clean rooms and surroundings and very nice and large pool under the olive trees. Felt very much at home starting with the warm welcome of the owners and their dog & 7 cats.
This hidden gem is not for the travellers that like smooth surfaces, straightforward service and nature-free accommodation... Here, everything has a story, every detail has a reason, and the owners are the warm, welcoming type that are truly hands-on. What I liked most is that the rooms are built into the nature - almost invisible from the road.
Great place, stunning view. The familly running the place is adorable. They also have a little museum that is worth visiting! We would gladly return there next time in Turkey."
I cannot thank enough for the kindness of everyone around making the place a true home for my elderly parents. An elegant, tasteful, sophisticated setting in nature and kind people. A few minutes to the beach by car and yet cool and breezy air even on hot days. Recommending to everyone looking and thinking outside the mainstream.